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John Winter - The Foundations

Founded in the early 1960’s, John Winter still operates on the existing site at Washer Lane in Halifax, where it's Head Office and manufacturing facility are based.


Originally, the business was built on supplying small traditional foundries with oil bonded sands and a small range of products for Foundry and Engineering industries. Since then the company has seen many changes, adapting and evolving to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Move forward some 20 years to the early 1980’s. From humble beginnings the Dental business was also founded, which added a further arm to operations and worked well alongside the Foundry business. The 2 industries share many similarities: mould making and casting technology, not to mention, release agents, resins, alloys and furnaces.


Decades later, John Winter are now at the forefront of both of these industries thanks to our own bespoke foundry products, many of which are researched, developed and made on site before being utilised by customers to support a multitude of industries including aerospace and automotive in the UK, as well as the wider global market, for which we have our own dedicated export department.


On the Dental side of the business we have gone from strength to strength, forging great partnerships with industry leading suppliers which enable us to service traditional methods of Dental manufacturing as well as maintaining our position at the forefront of the ever evolving digital dental market.

An Ever Changing World

I dont think anyone could disagree the world is in flux like never before so the Company is monitoring and reacting to the changes domestically and Globally. 


As a business that invests heavily in its domestic UK customer base, John Winter has also been able to forge trade relationships overseas in both the Foundry and Dental sectors which has provided additional growth.


As the after-shocks of Covid 19 reverberate around all economies across the world it brings new challenges. Whatever they may be, this is a Company that will navigate through them long into the future.  

Exothermic Foundry Feeder Sleeves
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