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Where Quality Foundry Products meet Exceptional Levels of Technical Assistance

For the last 60 years John Winter has been supplying an increasingly wider range of products for foundries to produce quality castings.

Foundries in the 1960's were very different to the ones operating today. Cupola Blast Furnaces were wide spread across the UK, consuming vast amounts of iron, foundry coke & limestone to feed the huge greensand moulding plants. Like any form of manufacturing, there have been significant changes, none more-so than in the last 20 years. 

John Winter has monitored the changes throughout the years and evolved with them but this has required significant life commitments by the Directors of John Winter. MD, Adam Bennet, and Operations Director, Samantha Ellis have all traveled extensively in the interests of the business. In 2019, the newly appointed Financial Director, Ted Leather bought his years of experience to the Company. 

Technical Manager, Andrew Tagg has brought his decades of experience from working in, and advising, foundries in Europe, US and India. They have traveled across the Globe to better understand the future trends of casting production, source products and also find trading partners. 

John Winter supplies some of the largest foundries in the World. You may think, meeting the production demands of these huge foundries leaves little time to also assist the foundries that formed the foundations of John Winter but there is as much time, effort and passion invested in every UK foundry today as there was half a century ago.  

An Overview of the Foundry Product Range

For the Full Range go to:

John Winter is Monitoring a New Era in Casting Production in a Rapidly Changing World

Every cast metal industry across the globe is facing a pressing need to produce castings using less energy, less metal and in less time. The need for improved efficiency and reductions in carbon dioxide are of critical importance.

The products used to make castings need to be balanced with environmental considerations. No longer can castings be made at any cost to the planet. This is something John Winter is at the forefront of. Some products currently in use will be phased out and foundries will need to adapt to new types of low fume sand binders, more efficient exothermic feeders and digital technology to achieve scrap rates below 3%.


The list of changes on the horizon is considerable and those foundries that are progressive should ask John Winter's Technical team what can be done to meet the future demands. Products can be offered that are ahead of their times and we are encouraging foundries to start thinking about the future of casting production.  

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