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A Dental Products Supplier with some Exclusive Supply Agreements for some of the Worlds Best Dental Brands 


Lots of businesses start with a single product and for John Winter that was Dental Plaster. From that single product several decades ago,  there are now thousands in the range including exclusive supply agreements with Dental Direkt, Shofu, Shera, Graphenano and one of the most comprehensive ranges of 3D Dental Equipment. 

The Technical Sales Advisors at John Winter have all worked in, or managed dental laboratories so have real-world experience. Both traditional and digital manufacturing is covered by a team with a vast amount of knowledge. Grant Turnbull heads up the team pulling together knowledge, efforts and customer relationships. 

The back ground Team of staff that keep the wheels turning on everything from order picking and dispatch make all the pieces of the puzzle complete. Ultimately, the customer benefits from this collective team effort. 

An Overview of the Dental Product Range

For the Full Range go to:

Traditional Dental Products and the Move Towards Digital Dental Manufacture

Both traditional and digital dentistry is catered for. The gradual move toward digital, dental manufacturing has accelerated in recent years and this trend is set to continue.


The cost of digital equipment is within the reach of most dental labs now, it's not just for the big, corporate dental businesses. Smaller dental manufacturing labs are investing in 3D milling machines, Digital Scanners, Nextdent & 3D Formlabs printers. The accuracy and quality from 3D technology is so good, it's an inevitable trend and John Winter can help any lab make the gradual transition to Digital Manufacturing with training and support.


Traditional methods are still a huge part of the dental industry and for some time to come will still firmly have their place in our supply chain. The passion and knowledge is still strong at John Winter to support both sectors.   

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