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John Winter is a leading UK supplier of foundry and dental products.

Although it appears to be a quirky combination of industries, foundries and dental laboratories have a lot of similarities. John Winter has evolved to meet the demands of the rapidly changing foundry & dental industries for over 60 years. 

New Warehouse Facilities to
Supply a Growing Demand

John Winter has an international trade network, importing and exporting to Scandinavia, Europe, Middle East, North America & Asia Pacific regions. As the global demand for our products has increased we have expanded our manufacturing and warehousing capacity.


Should you want to keep up-to-date with the latest news and views at John Winter, or get in touch about becoming a supplier, enquire about vacancies, query a financial matter or make a general enquiry, you will find all you need to know here. If its foundry products or dental products you want, then head straight to the appropriate links on this page.

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