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Warwick production facility: 12 months on

  • Warwick production facility: 12 months on


    Warwick production facility: 12 months on

    Samantha Paget, operations manager tells us about the Warwick production facility integration 12 months after it was integrated with the Halifax based facility.


    Integrating a manufacturing facility into a business must have been a huge task. How did you manage this?

    “It was a huge task. The involvement of the existing production manager at our Warwick facility, Stuart McMillian, was paramount in ensuring a smooth transition. Myself and our quality manager, Russell Clamp, spent a lot of time with Stuart gaining an understanding of the manufacturing processes. From there, we developed an interim plan to merge the two businesses together in a way that worked for the businesses and the people.”


    12 months down the line, are you pleased with how the integration has gone? How did you ensure its success?

    “It has gone surprisingly well. The year has gone so fast and the two separate sites now run seamlessly together which is purely down to the determination and hard work of the team involved. As expected, there have been some bumps in the road from which we have all learnt lessons.”


    How do you keep both sites up to date with what is going on at the other?

    “Communication is completely open and regular contact is key, and I aim to spend a couple of days each month in Warwick. For example, if an order comes in that would have a direct impact on production at the Warwick facility then we discuss it with Stuart. Our buyer, Darren Robinson, is in frequent contact with Stuart, as is our Logistics Administrator, Rebecca Sutcliffe.”


    What are the key materials produced at the facility? Where do they go?

    “Most of the manufacturing time is spent making adhesives and release agents such as Winfix, Hexacure, Releasal and Aliwax. These specialised products are sold globally in Saudi Arabia, Europe, South Africa and Taiwan, as well as in the UK.”


    In the future, what will the new manufacturing facility help John Winter to achieve?

    “At John Winter we have a heavy focus on research and development, with Andrew Tagg leading the team as technical manager. Andrew works closely with Russell and Stuart to ensure that we have new and innovative products to introduce into the market. We also have plans to use technology to enable us to manufacture more efficiently in order to remain competitive in a global market.”