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The search for the perfect Zirconia

  • The search for the perfect Zirconia


    The search for the perfect Zirconia

    As a business we already knew we had a fantastic offering when it came to milling solutions with a hybrid mill available from DOF and dedicated wet and dry mills from DG Shape (Roland). We now had a major piece of the digital workflow we needed to fill with a Zirconia offering which would enable us to provide a full Lab solution. It’s fair to say there are lots of Zirconia in the UK market that will ‘do the job’, our issue was we needed to find the perfect Zirconia.

    We met some of the Dental Direkt team at a show in Chicago, could this be the solution we were looking for? Unfortunately, we came away after the last day of the show feeling a little deflated as we weren’t able to speak to the specific person we needed to. We were in the queue waiting to board the plane for the return journey where we were approached by a tall German chap who introduced himself to us. The man was actually Uwe Greitens the CEO of Dental Direkt, the very person we had wanted to speak to. After a brief conversation, we swapped details and planned to stay in contact.

    When looking further at the market it became obvious that we needed to support technicians in some key areas when selecting a Zirconia.

    There’s loads of Zirconia that will ‘do the job’. We needed to find a high-quality product capable of manufacturing all required Zirconia restorations with the most aesthetic outcomes, the ‘perfect’ Zirconia.
    We know the market is tough out there for technicians, so any product had to be priced competitively.
    A Complete System
    Zirconias, stains and effects, from one trusted manufacturer, simplifying stock control, ordering and guaranteeing the same outcome every time.
    On the material that ends up in the patient’s mouth, so when you have a question, you know exactly where to turn to.
    We’re able to offer a fantastic, supported, well priced product supplied with the marketing that will assist you in growing your business at no extra cost.
    The industry is undergoing some huge changes and without doubt, in the near future,traceability will be required on restorations that end up in patients’ mouths. I wonder how many technicians could currently answer yes, when asked by a potential new client if the restorations they supply are traceable?

    The task ahead of us was huge, involving lots of initial testing of the product and some pretty intense negotiations to ensure we could enter the UK market at the right price point. This was followed up with a visit to the Dental Direkt facility in Spenge, Germany, to find out exactly how good these guys were and what they had to offer.

    Within minutes of entering the DD facility we were absolutely blown away by the professionalism, quality control processes and the forward thinking of every single member of their team, and things only got better as we viewed their production processes.

    It was very clear that this was definitely the high-quality product we were looking for, and we knew the pricing was right. Now we had seen first-hand this complete system, including their staining and colouring kits, backed up by amazing technical support. The search was over.

    The initial order was placed, and the Zirconia arrived in our warehouses in early July. We’ve now been able to put together a marketing toolkit that can be tweaked for every customer, and provide traceability cards with every disc of Zirconia that we send out. We’ve taken our ‘perfect’ Zirconia out on the road and launched to a limited amount of our customers. And we’ve had the feedback from those that have tried it – all of which has been exactly what we expected when you manage to find such a great product.

    Grant Turnbull
    Dental Sales Manager