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Sustainability Throughout The Supply Chain

  • Sustainability Throughout The Supply Chain


    Sustainability Throughout The Supply Chain

    Sustainability is a big issue facing UK foundries. There is a drive throughout the supply change to reduce the environmental impact and create clean, sustainable foundry operations and John Winter is committed to contributing to that sustainability mission.

    By investing significantly in their infrastructure and facilities John Winter have dramatically reduced the company’s carbon footprint. Saving at least 33 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year by installing onsite recycling facilities and replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting units.

    “We are working to become as clean as possible in our operations.”
    Dale Lister, Managing Director at John Winter

    • Reducing energy consumption
    • Reducing waste to landfill
    • Reducing emissions
    • Reducing CFCs and toxic chemicals
    • Replacing toxic and harmful materials

    “We also have a dedicated team at John Winter working to create increasingly environmentally-friendly and sustainable products, as well as improving existing products and materials in the John Winter range.”

    The ongoing testing and development by the R&D team aims to reduce or replace harmful materials found in certain solvents or traditional aerosols. By using inorganic materials and biodegradable ingredients, the new products being produced in the John Winter lab are non-hazardous to both the environment and the operator.

    • Eliminating fumes and odours
    • Eliminating VOCs
    • Eliminating hydrocarbons

    But the benefits don’t end there. In addition to the environmental credentials, John Winter products are also designed to solve technical issues, reduce scrap, improve process efficiencies and overall product quality.