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John Winter breaks the mould

  • John Winter breaks the mould


    John Winter breaks the mould

    Foundries are constantly being monitored on emissions and it’s often the core coating processes that come under scrutiny for producing VOCs. A popular solution for many foundries is to move away from alcohol to water-based products in the coating process.

    However, there are other production methods that also contribute to overall emission levels, particularly where petroleum-based products are used. And this is the area that the R&D team based at John Winter’s UK manufacturing facility have been focusing on improving. Concentrating on the reduction of emissions from release agents has led to the development of an innovative new product suitable for all types of greensand moulding.

    PF900 not only eliminates emissions but also improves the mould quality on metal and plastic patterns. The low viscosity of the release agent means it easily atomises producing a fine, even coating of the tooling, allowing the mould to be effortlessly stripped.

    Adam Bennett Sales Director at John Winter said “Our research and development team has been working to produce a foundry and operator-friendly green sand release agent, and PF900 is just that.”

    The spray produces a uniform coating which results in a clean, easy strip. The improved mould quality reduces uncast moulds and low consumption rates mean PF900 is not only an environmentally-friendly product but it’s cost efficient too.

    John Winter is committed to improving the environmental impact and sustainability of their products on foundry processes. PF900 is a biodegradable product which doesn’t contain any hydrocarbons and its low odour on application means that it is operator friendly as well.

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