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It’s a small foundry world after all

  • It’s a small foundry world after all


    It’s a small foundry world after all

    We’ve always prided ourselves on building relationships, and not just with our customers, but our staff too. We recently added another TWO team member to the 30 year section of our long service board, congratulations Stephanie Clisset and Brendan Foster.

    So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we realise that between multiple John Winter staff, we’ve worked with three generations of one family. With a foundry heritage dating back to 1937, the Barnett family are surely setting some records in the UK foundry industry. Grandfather Ron started his foundry apprenticeship before being transferred to the mines as a Bevin Boy during WWII. One of the founders of Brentford Foundry and later Foundry Manager for Wilman Marine, Ron retired at 79 due to ill health.

    Son Jon was only ever destined for a life in the foundries, and started his five year apprenticeship in a Class 1 foundry, supplying castings to the MOD and British Aerospace aged 16. He went on to found Cambrian Castings in 2000 and for the last ten years, he’s been sharing his knowledge with his daughter Lucy.

    Possibly the only hands on foundry-woman in the UK, Lucy has followed in the family footsteps and is now Foundry Director and adds her ten years’ experience to the families combined 124 years of foundry knowledge.

    John Winter’s relationship with the Barnett family has lasted through the years also. Dale Lister first worked with Ron in the 1980s, then son Jon. Adam Bennet picked up the mantle some time in the late 1990s, and Dave Loveland now works with Lucy, hopefully for many years to come.

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