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Greensand conditioner improves performance of moulding systems

  • Greensand conditioner improves performance of moulding systems


    Greensand conditioner improves performance of moulding systems

    Adam Bennett, sales director

    By Adam Bennett, sales director

    The favoured method of manufacturing large quantities of sand castings has for many years been the use of a self-contained greensand moulding plant, which enables foundries to re-use the sand in the system time and time again.

    However, whilst these sand systems generally maintain high levels of casting production and quality, we’ve seen that improvements can still be made.

    Our SC#2 is a formulated sand additive which, when added in small controlled levels, improves both the quality and performance of greensand moulding systems.

    It’s a free-flowing powder which mixes very easily with the sand and is typically added as part of a pre-blend or directly at the mill via a powder feeder.

    For foundries using it for trial purposes, or specific batch use, it can also be added by hand directly to the mixer or even to the return sand belt.

    The greensand conditioner provides greater toughness to the mix. The sand will therefore deform more easily without fracture, enabling the mould to strip from difficult pockets in the pattern without brittle pieces breaking off.

    When added to the sand, the mould becomes more pronounced and has less friable surfaces and edges when air drying, creating better quality moulds. This leads to a better casting surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

    What we particularly like about SC#2, is that the small addition of it can eliminate a range of different problems, particularly when system-return sand hasn’t had effective cooling. It reduces higher moisture content requirements to achieve the toughness, stripping difficulties, poor compaction, brittle sand and poor mouldability.

    Operationally, it can reduce overall finishing costs by improving pattern strip – increasing mould definition – and may also help reduce gas defects.


    If you would like more information on SC#2 or a sample, please contact sales@johnwinter.co.uk / 01422 364 213