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From Film to Foundry

  • From Film to Foundry


    From Film to Foundry

    John Winter isn’t as far away form the glitz and the glamour of the BAFTAs as you might think.

    The BAFTA awards are made in one of the foundries that we supply with a range of products. That’s right John Winter products are used in the BAFTA award making process!
    The iconic mask shaped award follows the standard casting process of pattern making, moulding, melting and pouring shakeout, cleaning and inspection before reaching its award winning recipient.

    The journey begins with the creation of the sand mould. Alphaset alkaline phenolic binder system is used to produce the mould, utilising John Winter Parting Agent to ensure the clean removal of the pattern from the mould. GZA4 mould coating is used to prevent metal penetration during casting and ensure the casting has an excellent surface finish.

    The next step from foundry to film is the melting of the metal, a bronze alloy ‘Phosphor Bronze’ chosen for its distinctive colour and tone. Eco Flux metal treatment is added at this stage to improve the melting efficiency and quality, reducing slag build up and melting temperatures. The molten metal is then poured into the sand mould utilising Bimex insulating sleeves to ensure a sound casting free of shrinkage.

    Once the mould had been cast and released it’s time to get stage ready with more polishing than you can imagine!