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John Winter Announces New Corrosion Control Solutions

  • John Winter Announces New Corrosion Control Solutions


    John Winter Announces New Corrosion Control Solutions

    John Winter are delighted to announce their new partnership with Desi Kimya, the leading corrosion control supplier in Europe, to offer a total moisture and corrosion management solution to the foundry industry. Preventing corrosion during shipping and transportation of machined parts can be challenging. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) provide a more convenient, cleaner and economical solution to preventing rusting over other methods like slushing or waxing.

    “We’ve chosen to partner with Desi Kimya to enable us to offer a complete corrosion control solution. By working together with Desi Kimya to apply VCI technology we can create the most appropriate solutions for our customers when it comes to overcoming shipping and transportation challenges.” Commented Adam Bennett, Sales Director at John Winter.

    Desi Kimya’s VCI technology is available to suit a range of applications, transportation methods and shipping containers. The product range includes a range of sprays, oils, powders, tablets and packaging to protect all metal products from all kinds of corrosion, such as moisture, salt or environmental pollution.

    “In addition to being the leader in shipping safety and corrosion technologies we strive to be the leader in environmental consciousness and health and safety at work.” Dr Mehmet Ali Aküyz , Desi Kimya