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A journey to surface integrity with Geopol W

  • A journey to surface integrity with Geopol W


    A journey to surface integrity with Geopol W

    Andrew Tagg, Technical Manager at John Winter hosted a talk at CASTcon2018 on how Geopol W can help foundries achieve high-integrity aluminium casting with a greatly reduced impact on the environment.

    John Winter is committed to investing in research and development to improve the environmental impact on production processes. Geopol W is the latest inorganic binder development in conjunction with Sand Team CZ to deliver virtually zero emissions on core production, casting and shake out.

    Consisting of Geopol 20 (liquid at 1.8%) and GEOTEK 302 (powder at 0.5%) Geopol W has been specifically developed to be cured by warm air in conjunction with heated tooling. Typical parameters for optimal results sit at 150oC for both the core box and air temperature. Developed with medium to high production in mind Geopol W gives productivity rates similar to that of cold box process whilst improving on the casting’s surface integrity. The high binding strengths and low addition levels leads to improved sand flowability which gives a higher mould density and therefore a better surface finish.

    The inorganic polymer characteristics also enables the adhesive destruction of the grain envelopes, which makes the forms and cores degradable at low temperatures, this then enables efficient regeneration of reversible sand. The GEOTEK curing accelerators achieve higher immediate tensile and storage strengths and enable the use of a high percentage of reclaimed sand when preparing self-hardening mixtures. A key feature of the Geopol binder system is the ability to reclaim up to 90% of sand with mechanical attrition.

    Amongst its ecological advantages is zero VOCs, no requirement for chemical scrubbing and a greatly reduced potential of gas related defects.

    For more information about Geopol or to discuss your binder system requirements contact a member of our foundry team.