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Ensures you can deliver again and again for your customers

Your customers expect it of you, you can rely on it from us

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Better Together
Our mission is to work closely with you to work smarter and better to deliver for your customers

Trusted foundry consumable products and the foundry expertise you need, when you need it

If there’s one thing that the John Winter Foundry Team have learnt from their time working with foundries, it’s that consistency and reliability are key components of success. Your customers rely on you to produce the quality they need time and time again. Quite rightly, you should expect the same from John Winter and the good news is that you can rely on us time and time again.

Work with our team of foundry experts and you can rely on us to:
  1. Supply consistently high-quality foundry consumable products that will deliver reliable and consistent production quality
  2. To keep our promises and make it happen for you when you need us to
  3. To bring you new innovations and products to help you and your business to flourish through working smarter and better to increase quality, reduce waste and reduce production downtime
  4. To build a strong and valuable relationship that makes a positive difference to the success of your business and that will help you keep your customers happy too

Continuous growth and improvement through a valuable, trusted working relationship is what’s encapsulated in our working better together mission.

Better Together Our mission is to work closely with you to work smarter and better to deliver for your customers

Foundry consumable products to rely on

Consistent quality production needs consistent and reliable products. Our experienced dental team have created a portfolio of proven products that deliver the consistent results you need to deliver for your clients. And if you need something developing to overcome a particular production challenge we’ll develop it for you.

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