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John Winter

Working better together for your foundry success.

At John Winter we don’t ever want to lose sight of the fact that our business is to help your business to flourish through working smarter and better.

That’s not about selling you products, but by building the kind of relationship that you come to rely on. Experienced foundry experts, bringing you knowledge and expertise and high-quality, trusted products that perform consistently to help improve the way you work and the quality of what you produce.

The expertise you need when you need it

We’re proud of our team of foundry experts and the support team around them that brings many many years of experience to help our customers. That experience is the result of time spent client-side working in foundries and the expertise and experience that comes from many years’ service at John Winter.

There when you need us … wherever you are in the world

Of course we’re always available on the end of the phone – we’re always happy to hear from you. But more importantly we’re committed to being with you at your business when you need us.

Our team and global network of agents and distributors schedule regular visits with our customers and we continue to uncover opportunities for us to work better together.

But our expertise isn’t only available on our scheduled visits from your local team. Plenty of customers just like you have benefited from our senior product or R&D specialists jumping in the car or even getting on a plane and spending time in their business. Usually when they need us to help them overcome a significant production challenge.

Trusted products that deliver consistent production quality

At John Winter we understand two key truths in relation to the products we supply:

  1. They must consistently deliver the same results, time after time, batch after batch to give you the confidence that you can deliver for your customers
  2. Making a change to the way you currently manufacture can involve risk. It can also involve testing and maybe quality assurance too. Isn’t that enough to discourage fixing what’s not broken? At John Winter we understand this reality, and against that we still make informed product recommendations. We make them where we are confident there is a significant upside to you and your business

That’s why our portfolio of products have been carefully chosen by our experienced team to make sure they won’t let you down.

We recommend products based on your individual needs, and make recommendations that IMPROVE your process, product and outcomes.

Green, environmentally friendly, sustainable … we’ve heard it all before

Being environmentally aware doesn’t have to be at odds with effective and profitable production. At John Winter we are continually looking to add products to our portfolio that don’t compromise quality, consistency or performance but that are:

  • Environmentally friendly – they reduce or eliminate the harm caused to the environment by the waste products or emissions that result from manufacturing processes.
  • Sustainable – products that meet current and future legislation enabling your business to plan further into the future.
  • Safer – products that reduce the amount of unpleasant or potentially harmful emissions that your team are exposed to whilst undertaking your manufacturing operations.

Delivering for you so you can deliver for them

Our experienced team have a big part to play in making sure that John Winter delivers for you, so that you can deliver for your customers. With over 120 years of combined foundry experience, we can help and advise on a wide range of issues.

If we can make it happen, we will.

If you need our advice, we’ll make ourselves available as soon as we can.

If you need a supplier you can trust, make us your first choice.

We make our own decisions

John Winter is a privately owned business and after more than half a century is still going from strength to strength.

With customers in more than 30 countries and a global supply network we are truly world citizens.

Our aim – to help you have a more profitable and more sustainable business that delivers for your customers, day after day, week after week, year after year.

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