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High quality, trusted foundry consumable products

Without doubt John Winter have assembled a fantastic portfolio of high quality foundry consumable products. Customers like you trust that our products will deliver consistently; batch after batch, day after day, month after month. They rely on us to deliver only the best quality, so that they can deliver for their customers.

Our portfolio is the result of many many years of constantly testing, developing and refining our portfolio, only adding new products when we are confident they can deliver and they are of the quality you would expect from us.

As well as sourcing new products we are also lucky enough to be approached by some of the worlds top manufacturers because we are seen as the kind of quality distributor and foundry expert that will appreciate and understand their product. We are flattered that they choose us to represent their business and brand.

Better product choices deliver better outcomes for everyone

Greener, more environmentally responsible, safer and sustainable production has to be on everyone’s agenda, even if the ultimate green business you desire isn’t yet a reality.

At John Winter we are committed to helping our clients move as fast as they can, as soon as they can. We recognise that everyone doesn’t necessarily have the opportunity, budget or corporate backing to pursue a total green agenda and legal compliance may be the default position at present.

Wherever you are on the journey, and however fast you want to travel, our foundry experts are ready to advise and assist. We are here to help you make the best green choices you can, making sure you protect your team from harm, maintain production quality for your customers whilst at the same time doing the best you can for future generations.

Tell us your troubles

At John Winter we like nothing better than a challenge. Our foundry experts love getting their teeth into something and putting their many many years of experience to work. If you have a challenge for the John Winter Foundry Team we are here to help.

Maybe you need to find a way to increase quality, reduce production times or waste or both! Sometimes there isn’t a specific challenge or quality issue but just a feeling you have that there must be a better way. Well the team is waiting to hear from you.

In some instances we can give advice on the spot, other times we’ve jumped in a car or onto a plane and the solution has been products specifically developed for customers. Make sure you take advantage of our expertise to benefit your clients.

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When it comes to foundry consumable products we have an enviable portfolio. Take a look below at some of the key product areas we stock and manufacture. We also stock a range of refractory products, fluxes, sleeves, metal filtration and die coatings. If you are not sure whether we can help, or if you are looking for a specific product solution make sure you get in touch and we’ll assist all that we can.

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Keep up to date with our take on the foundry industry as well as what’s new with our products and how we continue to support you and your business.