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John Winter

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Even though our business has been around since 1963, we both know that nearly 60 years of experience is no guarantee of a business that has the capability to be a strong and valued partner.

Acknowledging that fact, at John Winter we focus on the future and in bringing that production future to our customers today. We know that our successful future is intrinsically linked to your successful future. And so our focus is not past glories but future opportunities. Future opportunities where we can bring the expertise of our team, proven technologies and high quality products to our customers in order to help them to build a stronger more profitable business.

That strength and profitability will come from us focusing on working better together and result in you:

  • Streamlining production through faster production and less waste
  • Harnessing new products and technologies proven to move your production forward and increase quality
  • Continuing to be able to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers so like us you can have a long and productive relationship

An expert team

Everyone at John Winter is focused on being the best that they can be in whatever area they work – in that way they can bring their expertise to bear in helping you build a stronger business.

Our Trusted Products

Will deliver consistently; batch after batch, day after day.

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Working Better Together

Our focus is not our success but yours.

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News & Views

Keep up to date with our take on the foundry industry as well as what’s new with our products and how we continue to support you and your business.