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Working together for 35 years

  • Working together for 35 years


    Working together for 35 years

    At John Winter we focus on ‘working better together’ with our customers, our suppliers and throughout our organisation. We believe in building a strong relationship with our customers to make a positive difference to the success of their business and to grow together.
    We achieve this through our expertise, the quality of our products and our unrivalled service. And we are not alone in this journey. We pride ourselves on building a long-term trusting relationship with our suppliers. A great example of this approach is the relationship we have built with Saint-Gobain Formula which has now lasted for over 35 years.

    When John Winter first set up a dental department we turned to experienced lab technician Brendan Foster to come on board to help us successfully manage the department. Brendan was clear on who our partner for plasters would be and that was Saint-Gobain Formula (in those days known as British Gypsum Industrial Plasters).

    Brendan has now retired, but the relationship between John Winter and Saint-Gobain Formula is as strong as ever. Saint-Gobain Formula remains one of the biggest global suppliers of plaster, they continue mining and producing dental plaster, along with many other types of plasters, within the UK at their plant in Newark. We feel very proud to provide our customers with plasters made in the UK and reassured of the security of supply. John Winter is now the biggest distributor of dental plaster in the UK, and we believe that the combination of the high quality products we’re able to offer from Saint-Gobain Formula and our strong partnership allows us to bring our customers premium products at a sensible price.

    David Hawksworth, Area Sales Manager from Saint-Gobain Formula has had a 6-year relationship with us and he says “our partnership with John Winter is more than just a professional one, it is a partnership based on trust. Openness and honesty are qualities that we, at Formula, believe to be crucially important. We have taken the time to really listen to John Winter to ensure that their customers are happy. The quality and performance of our products is one of the most important factors for both businesses.”

    Grant Turnbull, Dental Sales Manager here at John Winter says “We’re incredibly lucky to have such a great partner. We can work together to serve our customers as best we possibly can and contribute to their success. I look forward to many more years of partnership with Saint-Gobain Formula.” Grant jokes that “35 year pales into insignificance in comparison to the 35 million years it takes to form the high purity Gypsum that Formula transforms into plaster”