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John Winter

Working better together for your dental lab’s success.

At John Winter we don’t ever want to lose sight of the fact that our business is to help your business to flourish through working smarter and better.

Not by just selling you products, but by bringing you high-quality, trusted products, backed up by our knowledge and expertise. We pride ourselves on building a trusted working relationship you can rely on for continuous growth and improvement in your laboratory.

Working better together is our recipe for success, and like all good recipes we need to start with all the right ingredients.

INGREDIENT 1: The expertise you need when you need it

One thing we’ve learnt from more than half a century in business is that true expertise shines through every time. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise within our dental team, either as a result of time spent client-side working in dental labs or from the experience that comes from many years’ service at John Winter.

With a strong long service record at John Winter we have the people who speak your language, who understand the challenges you face every day and who understand the intimate details of how our products can make a difference to your business.

We know that a successful business is based on the longevity of customer relationships and that’s why we have been committed to continuously developing our expertise since we were founded in 1963 to ensure we keep help customers like you to manufacture better by working together.

There when you need us … wherever you are

We’re committed to being with you at your business when you need us. We schedule regular visits with our customers and can often be found onsite helping resolve production challenges or offering support with the transition to 3D printing and digital dentistry.

Of course we’re always available on the end of the phone – we’re always happy to hear from you and share our knowledge if we can help with a specific question or challenge.

6 great reasons …

…to choose the John Winter Dental Team to help make your business more profitable and sustainable.

  • 1. Up-to-date industry expertise

    The people with experience and their finger on the dental industry pulse

  • 2. Trusted products available from stock

    The right products to do the best job for your customer, available when you need them

  • 3. “Make it happen” culture

    We are not here to say, “we will try” we are here to make it happen every time we possibly can

  • 4. Long serving team builds long lasting relationships

    Our clients value the consistency and stability of a productive relationship that helps them produce better better for their customers

  • 5. Privately owned and managed

    Over half a century of success from putting the customer at the centre of our business, not corporate profit

  • 6. Mutual benefit from working better together

    Our focus is not our success but yours. If we can co-operatively make improvements to your business we will be recognised as more than just a supplier

INGREDIENT 2: Trusted products that deliver consistent production quality

Your business is most successful when it’s running efficiently, delivering consistent product quality at consistent volumes. Production downtime costs money, that’s why our portfolio of products has been carefully chosen by our experienced team to consistently deliver the same results, time after time, batch after batch. Working with John Winter gives you confidence that you can deliver for your customers.


Making a change to your manufacturing process can involve an element of risk. And the thought of that risk alone can be enough to discourage fixing something you don’t consider to be broken. But at John Winter we understand that the benefit of a process improvement can outweigh the risk. That’s why we will make informed product recommendations when we are confident there is a significant upside to you and your business.

INGREDIENT 3: Delivering for you so you can deliver for them

Every business talks about the quality of their customer service, but few in our sector examine it in as much detail or work as hard as we do to make sure we deliver for you time and time again.

Our team values are commitment and support, being upfront and saying it as we see it. And this is why our customers value their relationship with us and the reliable and consistent service they receive.

• If we can make it happen, we will.
• If you need our advice, we’ll make ourselves available as soon as we can.
• If you need a supplier you can trust, make us your first choice.

INGREDIENT 4: We make our own decisions

As a privately owned business we have the ability to make our own decisions based on the future long-term prosperity of our business. This gives us an advantage over multi-national conglomerates or PLCs who may be beholden to investors and unable to make decisions fast or act upon them with the same speed and agility we can here at John Winter.

With customers at home and abroad and a global supply network, private ownership has enabled John Winter to go from strength to strength for over a century.

A recipe that works –  to help you have a more profitable and more sustainable business that delivers for your customers, day after day, week after week, year after year.

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