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Dental Scanners

For many laboratories the transition to digital starts with digital scanning technology. Whilst the digital workflow for dentists starts with intraoral scanning to produce digital impressions, you don’t have to wait until you are receiving digital files to start taking advantage of the benefits of digital workflows.

Even if you are still receiving traditional analogue impressions you can convert them to digital models as the first step in your digital workflow. Digital impressions are more accurate and have proven to reduce remakes and returns, as well as increase overall production efficiency. 

Dental impression scanners eliminate several time-consuming steps in the workflow. You don’t have to pour base and pin models, cut and trim dies or articulate casts. Combined with CAD/CAM systems you can manufacture restorations without having to produce a physical replica of the prepared, adjacent, or opposing teeth.

How to choose the right scanner

It’s important to choose the 3D scanner that is the best fit for your lab. There are a number of features to consider like scan speed and scanner capacity. Some scanners provide automated scanning for individual dies, while others only scan models.

But don’t worry at John Winter we will guide you through the selection criteria for the materials and models you work with. From gypsum and dental stone models to articulator compatibility we’ll help you choose the right scanner. We’ll also help you get up and running with it, train your staff to use it, and support you in optimising your new digital workflow.

Eliminate time-consuming steps in your workflow

Our Scanners

John Winter are proud to partner with Degree of Freedom to bring their revolutionary scanning technology to dental labs across the UK. DOF scanners offer exceptional performance with fast scan speeds, fast data transfer speeds¸ smooth simple to use workflows and high quality STL files.

Our range includes options from small compact scanners for entry level production volumes through to high definition scanners with high volume capabilities. Including an All-in-one scan option to scan uppers, lowers and dies all at once, plus muti-die scanning and multi-die implant scanning - saving almost 50% off your total work time.
DOF’s Stable Scan Stage (SSS) patented technology means you can scan models without fixtures or adhesives plus there’s the ability for you to add pencil lines to your digital data because not everything can be digital.

Get in touch with our experienced dental team to discuss your requirements and find the right scanner for your lab.