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John Winter

3D Printers

3D printing is rapidly growing as a manufacturing technique in the dental industry. Moving to additive manufacturing can revolutionise your dental practice. Increasing efficiency with computer aided precision and low material costs you can produce high quality models, parts and complete restorations with consistent reliability at a fraction of the price of other manufacturing methods.

How to choose the right 3D Printer

Variables to consider when choosing the right 3D technology for your lab include surface finish quality, build volume and production capacity. Plus there’s the additional post processing kit to think about for washing and curing. There’s also mixing rollers for optimum resin consistency. John Winter can help you choose the right printing components to create a streamlined workflow and consistently produce high-quality results.

Dependable, scalable production workflows

Our 3D Printers

We’ve partnered with leading 3D Print manufactures at the forefront of the digital revolution to bring affordable printing technology to dental labs like yours. Our range of Formlabs and NextDent 3D printers gives you precision and reliability at high production speeds for multiple dental applications.

Carefully selected by our experienced dental team for their ease of use and flexibility to switch between applications and materials we can help you create a dependable, scalable production workflow with 3D printing technology. Talk to John Winter today.