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John Winter

Our promise to help you achieve digital success

“We will be the experienced guide to help you make an informed choice about the right digital investment for your business”

We believe adopting this approach puts you in control of the process every step of the way. When you need a simple conversation, impartial advice and a sounding board to test your thinking, our experienced team are here to guide you.  

No one knows your business like you, but our experience of successfully guiding dental labs through the transition to digital dentistry means we know how to help build a strategic and outcome-focused business plan. Giving you the commercial and personal confidence you need to invest well.

Choosing to invest in any new technology can feel daunting when it is designed to change the very essence of the way you work.  When faced with a raft of technology and service offerings that you’re not familiar with, this can quickly become overwhelming.

Working with John Winter puts you in control but with the comfort of knowing you have access to our specialist team of dental experts every step of the way. We want you to feel empowered to make the right decisions and when you’re ready to start investing we’ll be here to support you with the implementation of new digital processes. Our aim is to make sure you can continue to deliver day in, day out for the dentists and their patients who rely on you.

Our proven process

We know we’re better, and stronger, when we work together.  

We know it can be a complex and intimidating decision to get started on the road to digitisation and even if you’re on your way, the sheer volume of information and technology available can be overwhelming.  The good news is we have guided and supported laboratories of all sizes and specialisms through their digital transformation.

We like to think of our role as being a guiding hand, using our extensive expertise to take you through our proven process, and on a journey to DIGITAL SUCCESS.


We know the best route to take is:

  • 1 list item
    Your business needs understood
  • 2 list item
    Product demonstrations given
  • 3 list item
    Multiple costed options provided (finance is available)
  • 4 list item
    Best route selected by you
  • 5 list item
    Comprehensive training and support delivered
  • 6 list item
    Digital rollout successfully completed

At John Winter we will help you make better choices and more informed decisions by Working Better Together to find the right solution to secure the future prosperity of your business. We know our approach works because it does two things – it puts you in control of the decisions, and it delivers outcomes that are right for you and your business. So, let’s start the conversation today and see how we can help you secure the future of your business.