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The Form 3B is offers advanced dental 3D printing, optimized for biocompatible materials. Our precise, reliable ecosystem takes the guesswork out of dental fabrication so better clinical outcomes are just a few clicks away.

Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)TM 3D printing uses linear illumination and a flexible tank to turn liquid resin into flawless prints. This advanced form of stereolithography drastically reduces peel forces to provide ground-breaking print quality and printer reliability.

Making the right digital choices

The introduction of digital to the dental industry has had a massive impact. So whether you’re thinking about taking your first steps towards digital, or you’re looking to enhance or upgrade your digital offering, we have the knowledge and products for you.

Our approach is to find the right digital solution for your business from our carefully selected range of products. Click on the infographic for an overview.

Want to know more?

We’ve pulled together some really helpful information, so if you’re new to 3D printing, they will help guide you through the decision making journey.

If  you’re already 3D printing, or just want to see the level of support John Winter can offer you, see our videos and factsheets further down the page.

Get in touch

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or are just interested in a little more information on how 3D printing could benefit you, get in touch.

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Seeing is believing

Get an in-depth look at the Form3B and the Form Wash and Form Cure.

Factsheets and troubleshooting

John Winter has been working with Form Labs for many years now, and so we’re well placed to help you, not just in making the decision on which printer to buy, but through the process of getting set up, starting printing and throughout the lifetime of the printer.

Our dedicated service engineer, Paul Stanger, has worked in 3D printing for nearly ten years now, and is a fully qualified Form Labs engineer. He’ll be there to install your printer at the beginning, and is then on-hand for ongoing training, servicing and trouble shooting as required.

He’s pulled together a wide range of materials, from getting set-up, to trouble-shooting as you go – take a look at the wide range of support in the articles below.

And don’t forget, if you have further questions, simply ring 01422 364 213 and press 3 to speak to him.

Unboxing your Form3B

From prepping before it arrives to getting it plugged in, everything you need to know

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The basics of using PreForm

Getting you started, a user guide to PreForm

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SLA basic finishing steps

A guide to post-print, all the steps for Stereo-lithographical printing finishing

Download Factsheet Download this pdf

Receiving and setting up the Form Wash

A guide to trouble free set-up

Download Factsheet Download this pdf

Using the Form Wash

A helpful user guide for the Form Wash

Download Factsheet Download this pdf

Receiving and setting up the Form Cure

Step-by-step guide to getting your Form Cure set up

Download Factsheet Download this pdf

Using the Form Cure

Helpful hints and steps to using your Form Cure

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Case Studies

Why we pick the FormLabs 3D printers, again and again.


Consumables to compliment your FormLabs 3D printer

We supply a wide range of 3D printing consumables to our customers, to ensure that they have everything they need to print, at any time.

Authentic FormLabs products ensure you have a fully validated work flow.



High accuracy 3D printing materials for dental labs and practices

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Everything you need for your Form 2 or Form 3B

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