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John Winter

Reduce production times without compromising quality with digital dentistry.

It’s reassuring to know that when you work with John Winter, you are working with a partner that has the same focus as you on producing top quality to keep your customers coming back for more. We know that the quality of job for a dentist starts with the quality of the model on which to build.

For many years we have provided the consumables needed in connection with traditional model making, but we also now have an enviable reputation for our 3D printing expertise too. Advances in technology have brought about a revolution in dental laboratory production, decreasing 3D printing costs coupled with an increased demand from dentists has driven wider penetration of digitisation across the industry regardless of lab size. As dental experts we recognise the significant advantages of moving towards digitised production, we are also aware of the risks and challenges this change can bring to your operations.

John Winter have become trusted advisers to both digitally established labs and those making the transition into digital dentistry. John Winter has partnered with Formlabs and NextDent as the official UK distributor for their 3D printing technologies, associated technologies and consumables. Together we have the capability through our in-house experts and engineers to help our customers exploit the opportunities of 3D printing and choose the best solution for their business.

Partnering with a range of suppliers gives us a solution for almost every dental lab with digital dentistry solutions from entry level production volumes through to industrial production levels.

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