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John Winter

Guiding you to Digital Success

Times are changing – are you?

Laboratories just like yours are have already transformed with dental scanning, improved CAD software and 3D printing; a must at a time when we know there is a shortage of quality technicians entering the workforce. Now is the time to open up to whole new service offerings for your customers by moving away from time-consuming and process-heavy ways of working to secure the commercial success of your own business.

Going digital is a big decision. It’s also an essential one.

It’s no longer an option to stand still and hope for survival. If they haven’t switched already, the dentists you work with will be looking at adopting a more digital approach as they and their patients are starting to expect quicker and more flexible solutions.

Why should you think about digital NOW?

We know you are well regarded by your customers, delivering consistently for them using tried and tested techniques and equipment. More than that, we also know the personal investment you and your team make every day to deliver this high-quality service. However, the first question you need to consider is, where will you be when your customers go digital and you are not ready and cannot handle their work?

In addition, remaining profitable requires you to find ways to increase capacity without increasing staff and associated costs. Digital dentistry offers higher consistency, accuracy, and precision at every stage of the workflow. From digital impressions providing more accurate data, automated workflows reducing time, and digital manufacturing processes delivering a consistent, high-quality product time after time.  

A digital approach allows you to deliver a better outcome and experience. You can save time and duplication costs by improving your efficiency. With more precise production, less rework and faster output, you’ll be able to operate at a more competitive cost-base.

We believe that future growth and sustainability are just two of the reasons why for digital dentistry the time is now. But it’s what you think that matters more and that’s why we’ll promise you honest conversations and the benefit of our years of expertise to help you understand exactly why digital is right for you and how to make it a reality.

Making the right investment

Just like any other piece of equipment or furniture in your lab, having the right piece of kit and having it in good working order is vital to your operations and the success of your lab. Every lab has different requirements depending on the types of restorations you specialise in, materials you use and physical space you have available.

We understand that a transition to digital can seem too big a task to comprehend. With advances in technology, competitive pricing and an ever-increasing range of choices, there’s a lot to think about. As with any change, there is a risk that if it isn’t managed properly then you won’t fully realise the benefits. As well as choosing the right equipment, it’s also important to consider the commercial business case and impact on your internal processes of developing new working techniques.

At John Winter, we believe that going digital is an individual experience.  One size certainly doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ll spend time with you to look at your business as a whole. Not only at the physical product side of things but also how the change needs to be managed internally, both culturally and processes by offering a comprehensive training and support programme to make sure you and your team have the confidence to make the most of your new investment.

A simple approach to financing

You work hard to make your laboratory profitable, so any choice to invest needs to be based on a solid business case for optimum ROI. The digital revolution might be big, but the cost to get started can be surprisingly low.  As digital technologies become more and more mainstream, we’re seeing more affordable options becoming available to get labs started on small scale. Plus, more advanced, specialist kit has become more accessible too for labs that are ready to scale and grow their digital service offering.

Investing in a digital solution for can reduce your reliance on technicians working long hours. With the reduction in costs, improved capacity and greater consistency, we think it’s a choice that makes itself. Especially when you quickly see a return on that investment. That’s why we work with you to develop a commercial business case for your investment.

If now isn’t the right time to be thinking about a large outlay, then consider investing a manageable monthly sum in your lab’s future. At John Winter, we want you to feel informed, confident and comfortable with your decision. We offer monthly payment plans through our network of specialist financial partners to give labs a manageable way to spread the cost of investment and keep even the most risk-adverse accountant happy.

We can help guide you at a pace that works for your business, help you maintain your reputation and minimise risk as you transition to a more digital approach.

Don’t risk losing business through a lack of preparation or inactivity, talk to John Winter today about implementing your digital vision.