Michael at work

Job title: UK sales manager

I’ve worked at John Winter for: almost five years now

What I do in 10 words: meet new and existing customers, build relationships, trial new products.

A lot of my time is spent: on the road – I visit customers all over the UK so I do a lot of miles.

Michael at home

Based in: Wolverhampton

My family: I live with my wife and three children aged 13, 9 and a newborn. The oldest two are in a cheerleading team and compete at a national level.

Favourite film: The Hurricane

Favourite place to go on holiday: Greece…or the South of France!

Football team: Wolves (for those that don’t know that’s Wolverhampton Wanderers!). I’m a season ticket holder – and we’re top of the league!

A typical week

Monday: After checking in with the team, I start my week making sure I’m on top of all my reports for the UK sales team. I’ll send head office a report which outlines our sales for the week before and the existing and new customers we have visited, too.

The sales team is split between the field and our head office in Halifax. I travel extensively throughout the UK so visit Halifax when I’m in the area. When I’m not able to visit Paula and Carol, our team members in Halifax, I keep them informed of the field team’s activities and vice versa.

As UK sales manager, my role incorporates looking after our field-based team. We have two team members in the Midlands as a lot of our customers are based here, and another team member is based in the North East, which is an area of growth for us.

Tuesday: My midweek days tend to be very flexible. I work around the customers’ availability and try to group my visits by geographic location if I can. This week I was visiting a number of our existing customers in the East Midlands so I got to stay fairly close to home.

Wednesday: We had some fantastic news from an existing UK customer who have more than doubled their turnover for 2018 – a great way for them to start the year.

Thursday: Today was another exciting day – we did some initial trials for new products including filters and coatings, as well as release agents, which went very well. The next stage for these products will be to do pre-production trials. We can then tweak the products to ensure they are the best they can be before trialling again and putting into production.

Friday: I like to stay as local as possible on a Friday so that I can be home on time to spend the full weekend with my family, as I generally stay away at least once or twice a week. Time at home is precious.

I use Fridays to plan for the week ahead so I know where everyone in the team will be and what the focus needs to be on. Next week is looking busy: we are doing some extended trials for a customer and some initial trials for a new adhesive product, which has some fantastic environmental benefits.

Weekend: My two girls are in a cheerleading team and compete at a national level so I find myself travelling a lot at weekends too – we can end up anywhere from Bournemouth to Liverpool. I’ve got a lot of points on my BP card from many stops at service stations!

When I’m not acting as Dad’s taxi service, I can take advantage of my season ticket and head to Molineux on match days.

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