John Winter currently supplies over 40 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South Africa, the Middle East and Northern and Central America.

Our expanding product portfolio has helped us remain at the forefront of today’s foundry industry.

It’s our approach and technical solutions that really set us apart. We don’t stop at meeting your material requirements, we have developed problem-solving products that can help you deliver the best results.

The latest addition to our product-solving portfolio is Geopol, an inorganic binder that can reclaim up to 90 per cent of sand, significantly reducing the environmental impact when producing moulds and cores. It forms an amorphous inorganic polymer exhibiting higher strengths at lower addition levels, compared to the sodium silicate process which forms a colloidal silica gel.

Our product range also includes sodium silicate binders, sand binders, oil bonded sand, releasing agents, sand additives and die coatings.

The majority of the John Winter technical sales team have foundry backgrounds, which means our customers benefit from expert advice and consultation every step of the way.

We welcome your problems and believe that together we can resolve them. There’s no foundry challenge we can’t overcome!

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