At CASTcon 2018 our technical manager, Andrew Tagg, hosted a talk on how Geopol W can help foundries achieve high-integrity aluminium castings with a greatly reduced impact on the environment.

Developed with medium to high production in mind, this inorganic binder has virtually zero emissions on core production, casting and shake out.

Geopol W consists of Geopol 20 (liquid at 1.8%) and Geotek 302 (powder at 0.5%) components and has been specifically developed to be cured by warm air in conjunction with heated tooling. Typical parameters for optimum results sit at 150ºC for both the core box temperature and 150ºC for the air temperature.

The benefits of Geopol W

Geopol W gives productivity rates similar to that of cold box processes, while improving on the casting’s surface integrity. It has environmental benefits, with zero VOCs and no requirement for chemical scrubbing. The product also offers a greatly reduced potential of gas related defects.

CASTcon 2018

At CASTcon 2018 Andrew spoke through the process of using Geopol W with a number of case studies. If you didn’t catch his talk, take a look at how it’s been used by our partner, Sand Team.


Geopol W at Sand Team

Sand Team, based in the Czech Republic, supplies raw materials, technologies, equipment and laboratory instruments for the production of foundry moulds and cores.

When using Geopol W, Sand Team’s core shooting machines are set to 150ºC, accompanied by a source of hot air at 130ºC, 20ºC below the typical hardening temperature. In these conditions the cycle time was 25-30 seconds.


Figure 1. Turbocharger core produced with Geopol W at

BaL Foundry in the Czech Republic


Geopol W was also used at BaL Foundry in a generator designed for cold box production, meaning an air temperature of just 60 ºC could be achieved. The product can still achieve a cycle time of 25-30 seconds in this environment.

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